Friday, August 11, 2006

What I'm not knitting for "baby"

I'm not sure what makes the bonnet in the 1900's knitting pattern to the left a "Fairy" bonnet. I'm not knitting it regardless. I am also not sure that the "Darling" bonnet in blue is not for a boy. In fact, I'm guessing the child pictured replete with dress, is a boy. In the era before snaps, one can see why dresses on infant boys made more sense.

"Sweet Baby" and "Sweetpea" are doing fine. I haven't come up with a Alias for her husband, my Son-in-law yet. As a side note, I recall that I have noted how a particular author refers to her children in laws, consistently as "Son-in-love" and "Daughter-in-love" and I note to self, at the risk of offending those of you who might adore the phrase, that I have always found that phrase obnoxiously saccharine.

Now I observe that surely "Sweet-baby" and "Sweet-Pea" are likely just as bad. Now I note again why we shouldn't judge and that perhaps something being cloyingly sweet or excessively "Twee" is a matter of taste.

I suppose I could take a page out of one of our elders blogbook and use names lifted from the movies? The only thing that comes to mind is that baby of Olive Oyl and Popeye.... That's it, since I don't know the gender of this womblet, I'm going with Sweet-pea. I have been known also to refer to the little bit as "The Bump"...

Anyway, all of this is to say that pea and pod are both well by God's mercy and that the mother in question is starting to feel less nauseous as is expected.

I am knitting for both the expectant mother and the weeun. My finger joints are starting to act up painfully such as I've not noticed in years and I wonder if this is a co-incidence (peri-meno hormone changes are supposedly prone to making for more joint pain) or is it the knitting? I hope not. I don't want to end up with headline "Granny treated for anti-inflammatory addiction, says she just wanted to finish infant blanket." I'm not known for my finishing projects in the best of times but this time I'm determined, God willing, to actually be able to finish and even upload a picture of actually finished item.

On another note, as much as my Hubby and I would love to be over in the U.K, given what is going on in the news right now, we are rather grateful not to be having to make decisions regarding flying to and from Heathrow. Hope you are all well and knowing much of the Lord's goodness and mercy.

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