Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unsent letters...

I was one of those children who often wrote letters but rarely sent them. I'd pour my heart out on paper, re-read and toss. I feel about that way concerning this post, so this and any other could be here today, gone tomorrow.

Have I become Blogaphobic? I'd venture to say it takes about a week for any blogger to realize he/she is insane for thinking they wanted a blog.
I started this blog in response to those friends in parts distant, who were wondering where I was, or how I/we were doing.I figured it could be an outlet for a season. I'd say that blogging is only for the thick skinned and I've not been known for this quality. That said, the husband says "don't worry about what other's will say, just blog." Not that he fancies these diary type posts, he'd like "real writing" on here. I've had others, one gal in particular, tell me that blogging is a sure way to get oneself in trouble. She has a blog. I briefly toyed with calling this one "evidence"...Or as one person suggested "exhibit A"

Last night I got stuck in a blog hole. I clicked on a link somewhere, and then got onto another blog and another and another and ...well you know the deal. It was interesting the people I "met" but it also reminded me of the verses in Ecclesiastes about the writing of many books. ( I envision a "new version" (read broad paraphrase) of the Bible wherein someone changes said verse about books to read "the writing of many blogs..."the qwerty bible for laptop owners?)

Reading these random blogs of those professing to be in the reformed community, did get me thinking, but they also left my brain so fuzzy that I wonder if I have actual thoughts or just noise in there. I'm not saying the folk I was reading are or are not reformed, they just have a whole lot of add ons that don't necessarily come out of what I perceive to be orthodoxy or the church fathers.

I'd like to sit down and write some non-diary blog stuff on the "So called Titus 2" woman. (I'm an Ezekiel 14 girl myself) as well as other topics but I don't know when that is going to happen. Yes I know we have to make time not "find time."

DH and I and "Ark boy"(Dh's youngest age 18) are heading out by plane for points east, for Thanksgiving. Perhaps I'll be able to "indulge" in writing then. That said the laptop is going to the shop for the duration ( I have no m key...never take the m key off for cleaning beneath, not all keys go back on as easily as others, trust me.) SO if I do write, it will be by hand, if I can recall how.

Speaking of the Arkster, (he has Down syndrome, so take it into account with this anecdote) the first time he flew, he decided he was going to fly "floor class"...he panicked and sat down "native American style"as we didn't call it when I was a kid, in the middle of the aisle. The plane was preparing for take off, and you know how they do frown on passengers on the floor but that didn't concern "our boy"...soooooo DH and some burly willing citizen (in this day of lawsuit phobia I marvel at this) lifted said youngster, by elbows, legs still crossed into seat. Flights since have been uneventful. I do hope they stay that way.

I would like to consider myself an adventurer, globe trotter, world traveler, but my body disagrees with me and would prefer to get everywhere the "I dream of Jeanie" way or stay home. Alas providence has granted neither option. Silly me I have managed to collect folk I love from vast territories and until I can convince them all to move to Spudville, I'll have to press on.

meanwhile, those of you who enjoy praying for saints who are strangers, if you think to pray for a dear sister in our congregation, who is 29 weeks into her pregnancy with her first Lassie (after 4 great lads) and who has serious complications which require total bed rest in hopes that the wee girl (the one inside) will stay put for the duration, or at least a few more weeks. I am pleased to see that the local saints are doing a lovely job of lending aid in the form or prayers and meals etc.