Monday, December 12, 2005

We're home...

Well, we've been back from the east since the middle of last week but I've only just gotten the feeling I have 10 mins to spare. I apparently had 3 hours to spare Saturday because I spent them on the phone with tech's from msn and Norton. I could write a whole page on that experience, but since I'm hoping it will fade from memory, the less said the better. Suffice it to say, I have hours more geek time ahead because the prob is still not fixed, for now, I write you on a two year old Sony Viao laptop, which lacks an m key (don't ask) and which will not allow me to access any site utilizing msn secure site features, nor my email (you can still write me, I can get the mail on any computer except this one)

What this means for my blog readers is that some night when I feel like having one of my "classic Susan" rambles on paper, some fellow named Vishnu is likely getting all the computer time I have to give.

The trip back East was as good as any trip entailing 6 plus hours in and out of planes and airports which doesn't culminate in landing in the land of Cadbury Chocies and Walkers Vinegar crisps, could be. Of course, it being the cold and flu season, everywhere we went, folk were just coming down with, getting over or pardon me while I go hurl now, something. I praise God that none of my various health "issues" afflicted me during the actual traveling days, and the flights were uneventful. We did something we've never done before, which was stay a few days in a Residence Inn (by Marriott, and no I don't have a capital m) which was ideal for us as it had two bedrooms with their own bathrooms as well as a kitchenette and it was less than an adjoining room would have been elsewhere.

I mention this as a help to any of you who might travel with adult children or sisters or friends and not fancy the usual two big old beds in one room arrangement. I think we also saved on food having our own food prep area and it was grand to have over the Lord's day as we were able to lay in food, though during "The man's" brief but geographically scattered pulpit supply days we got pretty good fixing Lord's day meals without a kitchenette.

I found great knitting shops in the Ohio region, and had at least a couple more on my visit "wish list" but as I took a bad sore throat and had already spent the budgeted amount in the first two shops we visited, there really was no point going on. I note to self and anyone who ever aspires to own a shop frequented by women, PUT IN A HUSBAND CHAIR. Dh is a dream hubby in how kindly he waits (book in hand) for me to visit specialty boutiques (Knitting, scrapbook etc.) but he can't be expected to do so standing awkwardly in the middle of a yarn store.

Started reading George marsden's (OH How I hate not being able to use proper caps...OCD?)"Jonathan Edwards last eve. Got through the Intro and first 3 chaps. It was fairly captivating reading and read well though I feel like I am reading very slowly. This could be an optical illusion based on the thickness of the book and size of pages. I read for about 4 hours and only got to page 56, though the intro doesn't count into that and it is one of those books where I flip constantly to the back to read the footnotes.

I don't think I ever quite realized how tedious it is to have a person in a bio who has sisters and aunties and daughters all named after near relations. I note as well, there are women in his line who had daughters named after themselves. Grant it, perhaps the daughters are not "exactly" named after (called after, as they'd say in Scotland) the mum but rather after the person mum is called after, if this makes sense. One of my dearest friends in Scotland had not one but two daughters named Catherine, one was "called for" one relation, the other was called for another. Knowing Highland and Island traditions as I do, I'd venture that the said friend could have had 6 or more girls and named all of them Catherine and still not have run out of persons to blame/credit for it. To keep confusion to a min, one daughter was called Catherine, the other Catie.

So far the Edwards book is quite enjoyable and particularly good at helping one to fill in the historical realities of the world Edwards inhabited. (So far an outhouse hasn't been mentioned, but I can't but look at the picture of an East Windsor home included to represent Edwards childhood village and think, "there is another wee house out back and is it a one seater or two? which makes me think as well that I am of the last Western generation to recall true outhouses, not the things they have at fairgrounds...folk make a lot out of the remembering record players or 8-track tapes, trust me younger readers, the outhouse to indoor plumbing transition is much more notable. Now don't think that Mrs. F grew up with plumbing privations, but I did visit relatives in Norway and ancient cabins up North that had such amenities exclusively.)

I don't really expect the Edwards book to be particularly spiritually exercising, though marsden is a professing believer, because the book seems to be intended as a scholarly though readable critical appraisal of Edwards and his life. That said, one cannot but be spiritually exercised when hearing of Edwards own apprehensions of God as well as the piety of those around him. For those who desire a spiritually blessed bio, I highly recommend the memoirs of Thomas Boston, which I thank a dear pastor friend for putting me on to during a spiritually dry time a few years back.

Things I note so far...
1. Though I always knew the homes of pastor's in New England were hotbeds of learning, books, musical instruction and languages, I did not realize that it was very common to have an African Slave or servant. The author says this is due to the fact that the minister's labors were of course, confined to his study and parish and not to the field. I smile wondering how easily one could get today's church to put a servant (not a slave!) in the budget along with the pastors salary and benefits? Well of course we don't need one, we are such a small family with our children grown, but I can see how handy it would be for the Edwards clan to have such.

2.I can't find the quote at the mo but it was noted, as I have always known but find pleasing to be reminded of, that though the Puritans were known for their strict discipline in the church, they also were to be noted for their ready and sincere forgiveness when true confession was made. I think it is far too easy for even those who love the Puritans, to think of the public punishments as really over the top, but as any child who has experienced a parents wrath without said parent doling out discipline and "getting it over with" knows, a brewing or back stabbing resentment is far worse borne than a fitting punishment with hugs all round afterwards.

I still recall that I have promised to write some thoughts on the so called "Titus 2" woman, and now one of my commentators has mentioned Proverbs 31 as well, which shall have to be addressed at least in passing. Sisters and others, I feel myself to be in a very "ecclesiastic" mind, in which though I am content, I find writing and reading wearying, as well as shopping, and owning of possessions to be just so much drain. I have promised myself that I shall venture out soon and purchase another copy of Word for my computer. I cannot seriously write (though the critic I used to have locked in a shed now pretty much lives in my brain and says, duh, that's right you cannot write and even if you can, why would you?)without Word.

I have put this task off because of a "grudge" I bear against Microsoft. I purchased the word full edition via download whilst living in KY. I then had computer crash and new hard drive put in and lost said upgrade, never having bought a disk. I called to get the code again and the company said that I was without help unless I could provide a receipt. I haven't been able to find one or which card I put it on (so many different banks and debit cards due to living in several places in few years)and out of principle I have refused to pay again, but I also am not willing to use another persons disk as it violates the letter of the law.
more later.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unsent letters...

I was one of those children who often wrote letters but rarely sent them. I'd pour my heart out on paper, re-read and toss. I feel about that way concerning this post, so this and any other could be here today, gone tomorrow.

Have I become Blogaphobic? I'd venture to say it takes about a week for any blogger to realize he/she is insane for thinking they wanted a blog.
I started this blog in response to those friends in parts distant, who were wondering where I was, or how I/we were doing.I figured it could be an outlet for a season. I'd say that blogging is only for the thick skinned and I've not been known for this quality. That said, the husband says "don't worry about what other's will say, just blog." Not that he fancies these diary type posts, he'd like "real writing" on here. I've had others, one gal in particular, tell me that blogging is a sure way to get oneself in trouble. She has a blog. I briefly toyed with calling this one "evidence"...Or as one person suggested "exhibit A"

Last night I got stuck in a blog hole. I clicked on a link somewhere, and then got onto another blog and another and another and ...well you know the deal. It was interesting the people I "met" but it also reminded me of the verses in Ecclesiastes about the writing of many books. ( I envision a "new version" (read broad paraphrase) of the Bible wherein someone changes said verse about books to read "the writing of many blogs..."the qwerty bible for laptop owners?)

Reading these random blogs of those professing to be in the reformed community, did get me thinking, but they also left my brain so fuzzy that I wonder if I have actual thoughts or just noise in there. I'm not saying the folk I was reading are or are not reformed, they just have a whole lot of add ons that don't necessarily come out of what I perceive to be orthodoxy or the church fathers.

I'd like to sit down and write some non-diary blog stuff on the "So called Titus 2" woman. (I'm an Ezekiel 14 girl myself) as well as other topics but I don't know when that is going to happen. Yes I know we have to make time not "find time."

DH and I and "Ark boy"(Dh's youngest age 18) are heading out by plane for points east, for Thanksgiving. Perhaps I'll be able to "indulge" in writing then. That said the laptop is going to the shop for the duration ( I have no m key...never take the m key off for cleaning beneath, not all keys go back on as easily as others, trust me.) SO if I do write, it will be by hand, if I can recall how.

Speaking of the Arkster, (he has Down syndrome, so take it into account with this anecdote) the first time he flew, he decided he was going to fly "floor class"...he panicked and sat down "native American style"as we didn't call it when I was a kid, in the middle of the aisle. The plane was preparing for take off, and you know how they do frown on passengers on the floor but that didn't concern "our boy"...soooooo DH and some burly willing citizen (in this day of lawsuit phobia I marvel at this) lifted said youngster, by elbows, legs still crossed into seat. Flights since have been uneventful. I do hope they stay that way.

I would like to consider myself an adventurer, globe trotter, world traveler, but my body disagrees with me and would prefer to get everywhere the "I dream of Jeanie" way or stay home. Alas providence has granted neither option. Silly me I have managed to collect folk I love from vast territories and until I can convince them all to move to Spudville, I'll have to press on.

meanwhile, those of you who enjoy praying for saints who are strangers, if you think to pray for a dear sister in our congregation, who is 29 weeks into her pregnancy with her first Lassie (after 4 great lads) and who has serious complications which require total bed rest in hopes that the wee girl (the one inside) will stay put for the duration, or at least a few more weeks. I am pleased to see that the local saints are doing a lovely job of lending aid in the form or prayers and meals etc.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Wee Beasties?

It is probably for the best that only one or two of you know "Leyland"

When I was put on Prednisone for the first time back in Feb of 2004, I didn't particularly enjoy the experience. It was like being on some type of hyperactivity inducing stimulant whilst too unwell to actually accomplish much. I did however, thanks to the wonders of webdom, bang off several page letters to friends and those I likely didn't know well enough to be "saying such things too" (sort of like this blog come to think of it.)

One of the things I was saying is how Prednisone made me feel crawly under my skin, and not just run of the mill crawly, but like I had an entire pirate ship of rouge lizards running all over under deck (me being the ship.) Not only did I know they were lizards (ever the self-diagnostician) running all over, but I was SO full of hubris (read prednisone) that I named the pirate horde, things like stinky, one eyed Pete and so on. I am pretty sure one was named Leyland and he may have been the ringmaster, I picture him in a lounge chair, barking orders, a British ex pat, wearing cotton linen suits and a panama hat. I also am fairly sure he wrote all my letters at that time. Those two or three of you where were so unfortunate to have gotten them, and you know who you are (he was fond or pastor's wives, and wrote at least two.)
Well, he's back.

After being up all Saturday night with the second worst Asthma attack of adult life, dear friend will call her "Nurse Rottweiler" ( trust me she will find this moniker pleasing adoring the beasts who lend to her her title, )
who is refreshingly straight forward and who I find wonderfully calming to be around, came for an unofficial house call after church. She is an asthma educator as well as a fellow sufferer. She and my dear hubby (who prefers lizards to wife without working lungs, what a guy!)talked me into returning to prednisone with the suggestion that 4 days of 40mgs now, would beat a month of the stuff later. Only by this reasoning did I acquiesce.

I vowed "never" to go on Prednisone again. I recalled not sleeping for more than 3 hours during the last course of it. I recalled feeling horrible. I made note to self that if any Dr ever prescribed it to me again, I'd get said Doc to give me a sedative of some type for Leyland.*note Leyland is taking Ativan and is almost calm if such a word could ever apply to his nibs.* I got a whole tortured but cumulative 7 or 8 hours sleep last night, praise God, and all Leyland wants to do now is say Hi remember me. He also suggests that the best use of today would be to sit and knit and knit. (ok so he thinks I should knit till the fingers bleed and sing sea shanty songs whilst doing it but surely we can find a happy medium? It could be worse, he could be writing this blog all day long until I've nae a reader left or there could be deck swabbing?)

Perhaps at the end of the day, I shall have a knitted babe to post, if not, it is likely Leyland will have me busily away at some task or t'other. We'll be hiding out in here to avoid the whole trick or treat thing (even if we had had candy to give out, odds are it would have been eaten long since!) I am planning to have hubby pick up Wallace and Grommit episodes and perhaps some nice cheese to go with, don't ya think? Wensleydale isn't an option, but we must have something that will suffice. (Oh I DO miss Red Leicester)

Following up...

For those of you who were following the saga of one particular "rabbit" well in God's providence, though we'd rejoice to hear of the little vermin's demise, I have to report that said bunnykins is alive and well, to hop another day. Hopefully his days are numbered as we'd all welcome an invitation to his funeral if it be God's will. "Sweetbaby" is doing well with the outcome but mum rather expects that the so called "babyfever" is likely here for the duration, and we do thank God for that good and right desire but acknowledge that his ways are perfect.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All gone...

Well I just had my first experience with writing a fairly long piece, ramblings about Autumn and how giddy it makes me, questions about the purpose of blogging and what to do with this one, only to have it disappear when I hit send and there was no connection to the net. Sigh. Live and learn.

I don't have the heart to re-write it, it included juicy tidbits about "Sweetbaby" and her "charts"(not astrological thank you) which seem to be saying "the rabbit is dead" but which the visit to the drs said "wrong, rabbit is dashing about in the cabbage patch alive and well."...I told her that I have always tested negatively in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy even with highly sensitive blood tests...Meanwhile I suggested she avoid anything that would be ill advised if she were pregnant and try to relax in the breath holding wait. No they are not "trying," girls in my line have never conceived of the word trying when concerning babies but then, she's the first in a while to be on the right side of the broom jump when dashing off for bloodwork. God has been very merciful to moi.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Already if I wonder about being over my head, I sent out links for this blog to several pals only to see I didn't include an actual link, just a blank email....perhaps I need to hire a professional for this?
Sorry folks...will try to think first next time.

testing the waters...

I have for years, been a regular poster on an email loop. It has come about in Providence, that if ever there was a time to see if I can manage a blog, tis now.

Those of you who get here first, will be folk who know me already and you are and will be the core of this effort, to stay in touch, to sharpen each other's iron, "to know we are not alone" as it is said of reading. I am somewhat ambivalent about doing a blog, the inner voice saying "who wants to read it, who cares." (I love I love I love myself, I have my picture on my shelf!)

Please don't take the presence of this blog as any indication I think my idea's are noteworthy. I simply have discovered over the years that generally if I "put myself out there" folk will connect with me, spar, share ideas, challenge mine and enter the dance, so to speak. I long to keep up with the dear saints I've known hither and yon.

For those of you who know me, please forbear a "persona," because of my calling in life and having the roaring lion for an enemy I hope to write both corum deo (before the face of God) and yet also with a little wiggle room to allow me to just be myself. I don't need folk writing my husband's boss and saying " His wife had a bad day, he clearly isn't a good husband" or "she has too many opinions" or what have you. I do have too many opinions and the dear hub already knows this. He is kind and gracious and will read this even if no one else does.

I learned from my friend "The blogging genius" that one can create alternative blog identities for one's kith and kin which be helpful in keeping them out of harm's way ("you are related to that blogger? poor you") and which can be fun (or keep one from being invited to family gatherings I suppose if one chooses poorly...i.e the "stinky uncle")
So let me assure those who know me I've not gone mad and forgotten our real names.

Well I'm fighting a migraine (what else is new, I thought of calling this blog "I don't feel well") so I shall away, I have so much to praise God for and hope to do so in the days to come,
Your friend, old or new, Susan in Idaho, formerly Susan from the woods, formerly Susan in Glasgow Scotland, formerly a denim
jumper wearin homeschooling mama from "Providence" (you figure that one out), formerly "not Susan at all" but that is a story for another day.