Saturday, February 11, 2006

Original is good?

I sent the very first scarf I made to dear Seonag. It was made with a yarn called Squiggle, (see brim to left for an idea of what squiggle looks like) as well as a yarn called Cork.

I told S. it was wild, and as an added touch I tied in two glass heart beads in the bottom fringe. I don't really expect her to wear it, not to church at least (-: When my knitting improves, if I live long enough, and if I get the baby blanket I started for one RJH, before said child marries, then I shall perhaps make S a proper scarf. I figure since S is a accomplished Hebridean lassie, who has knitted for donkey's years, that she can always make herself a "proper" scarf, but only her dear China would send her a wild and funky one...

Note to S herself, aren't ya glad, looking at above picture, I didn't choose this hat instead? They say be careful what ya wish for, and you said it could be WILD! You don't have to wear the thing, just look at it and know that it was knitted with love by your dear friend from the states, now you see why I couldnae get a Scot to marry me? (that said, the yarn your scarf is made from is a Sassenach company (Non-gaels, read "English") which explains a lot, especially the lack of Presbyterian influence down south.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Update on Seonag

Dear Friends, I haven't been able to update you all on Seonag yet for various reasons. She did come through her surgury but it was far more of an ordeal than expected. mrs dkmiller, if you still have my e-addy would you write me so I have your most current address and I shall send you an offline update. use sbnyeuk addy I had in the uk please as my msn is down. Thanks. Will write otherwise soon. At the mo I'm off to take hubby to a minor emergency center.