Monday, August 21, 2006

Letters of Ruth Bryan

I am currently reading a book recommended to me by my dear sister in the Lord, who I have also referred to in past as the"English Rose"... The book, "The Marvelous Riches of Savoring Christ" by Ruth Bryan, published by Reformation Heritage Books, is available through their website or through Amazon.

For a taste of Ruth's writing see Grace Gems who has several of her letters available to read online.

Here is one portion I particularly appreciated. Having just lost her dear Mother, the last of her near relations she wrote the following to a friend...

"I have had a very comforting though lately," she said, " in remembering 'Thy Maker is thine Husband.' it is so sweet to think, Who is to manage the house? Surely the Husband. Who is to pay the debts? The Husband. Who is to order everything? The Husband. And who has a right to remove anything from the house that has taken too much of the Bride's heart away from Himself? Why surely the Husband. And that is what he has done in removing my dear mother, for since then, He Himself has been more precious to my soul. I see Him in it all, that stops the repinings and murmurings."

Her writing can at times seem overly flowery to the modern sensibility, but there is a real sense that she is simply effusive, rather than using excess words gratuitously. Unlike some letters/memoirs of her day (She died after a long bout of cancer in 1860), one senses she is being reasonably transparent with regard to her struggles and failings.

I recommend it to those who enjoy such writings. We have so few examples of the writings of Godly women, that I have long been passionate about reading all of those I come across.

BOOKLOVERS NOTE: While Westminster Theological Bookstore does not carry the book I mention above and I am all about encouraging folk to order from Reformation Heritage Books the publisher of the Bryan Book, I do want to note that I am pleased that Westminster Theological offers a wonderful flat rate shipping for US customers, of $5.00 which is a great value if you are wanting to order several books they have. That said, yes you can get free shipping at Amazon if you spend over 30 dollars, but sometimes Amazon has larger delays on obscure Christian titles and university press type titles...Just something worth noting.

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