Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm so far behind...

I'm so far behind, I might have to pretend I'm ahead. I have wanted to post a tribute of some type to my dear friend Seonag, who went on to Glory this winter. I have wanted to do some type of official announcement of Sweetbaby's baby (seen at left approx 1 week old), though all my friends have long since been put to sleep with Baby pics and tales of wonderment. And I have wondered if I should just retire the old blog, since I'm such a random poster. For now, I shall leave it as it is, and see if I might not get back into the rhythm of the occasional post. I hope this wee note finds my handful of folk who at least used to read this before possibly giving up on me, knowing much of the Lord's blessings.

Yes, I am a grandma. Folk ask me what the wee one will call me and the way I see it, he'll call me whatever he can pronounce with reasonable accuracy in my direction. Of course I'd prefer "Granny" if he could simply learn to roll the r in it like Scottish weeuns do. Baring that, well it's likely something between Grandma, Grammy and Mama Lucy. I'll probably answer to any thing that comes of of his sweet mouth. I confess I already have a larger toy collection than he does, his mother rightly not going in for such a waste of space at his young age, but Grandma has found a wooden train set at a thrift store and since it was priced for a song, I had to buy it. I figure it will come in handy with visiting parishoners if nothing else. (well, OK, their children...though it's brilliant enough I'm pretty sure some parishoners might be tempted to get down on the floor and play trains as well. (There is even a London bridge to go with it lest friends from across the pond visit and feel homesick.)

I know when he was still on the "inside" I was calling him the Pea in the Pod, but now that he is on the outside, I shall call him the nickname he earned himself in his early days, that being "Squeaky." Rather than cry, the wee dear would just squeak. It was certainly more endearing than an full out howl, though I'll admit by week 5 he'd pretty much mastered the latter. He is now, praise God, 10 weeks old. Born Feb 20, 2007 weighing 7 lbs 3 oz and being I am not sure how 8 weeks he weighed 14 pounds 3 oz and was 24 and a half inches long. He rolled over (and over and over) for the first time at 6 weeks. He has a very sweet disposition and has started smiling and cooing to the joy of all. On the night the youth come over for a bible study his mother "loses him" to the assortment of young ladies who all want to enjoy cuddling with him. She uses the time to catch up on her domestic routines.

Grandma, yup, that's me, was blessed to be able to spend from week 2-5 with her first grandbaby and enjoyed every second of it. I also was able to meet a couple dear sisters for coffee, you know who you are, thank you for coming to me, as I didn't rent a car for purposes of economy. Lord willing the little brood of 3 will trek out here at the end of May for a 16 day visit. Please keep mother and baby in prayer as they are flying without the Mr. He will, DV, join them a week later when he is able to get off from work.

All else is well here, we continue to praise God for the opportunity to live and work here and his many blessings.

On a not so "side" side note, I was through a remarkable providence able to find my birthdaughter, who I placed for adoption 28 years ago. We are taking things slowly and just emailing for now, as this has surely been quite a surprise for her to be found at this time, and really just as shocking to me, that I found her, having looked for years to no avail. God's timing is his own and perfect, and I very much appreciate your prayers as we figure out what type of relationship we might enjoy in the future. "Daughter number's one and two" are enjoying writing each other as well, and getting to know each other a bit via email" neither of them having been raised with sisters.

Well, that is all for now. My old friend from my teens, I didn't post your cute comments simply for lack of room. Thanks for sending them. My friend from up north, are you still in the land of the living? We've really lost touch. UK friends, also apologies for losing touch. It's been a long 12 months health wise, I'm having about 12 days of migraines a month so know that I've not forgotten any of you and hope to do better in future.