Friday, February 27, 2009

47, my year for madness.

Forty Seven is apparently the year I lose my mind as is evidenced by my buying myself Dolls for my Birthday and getting a Betta Fish. (It is also the year that I need to buy glasses to wear all the time, more on that later) The dolls are Blythe dolls, the one on the left is "Miss Sally Rice" the one on the right is Bronwyn Noelle, like me she needs glasses. The Betta fish, seen to the left of the silk plant) is named Augustine (of Hippo of course.) I decided in my lack of optimism about being able to keep a Betta alive (I prefer things that thrive on neglect) that I would name the fish alphabetically, thus sparing me of the inquiries as to how was it going with the fish. I.e, if I say my fish Calvin is doing well, you'll know he's no. 3 in the line of "failures" (short lived success's?) Glenn says we could name the next one Barabbas but I know that I would not want Barabbas to live. Perhaps Glenn was thinking that name would insure his longevity, but we cannot cheer for the wicked. My fish may not have souls but they'll be named as if they do (-:

On a side note of fishdom, I note that the local legislature has passed a bill allowing one to be fined 1,000 for animal neglect/abuse. I wonder if that includes fish and what that would look like? If my Betta gets too many pellets cause he is so happy when I give them to him, do I get fined for his obesity? If he gets a one way boat trip down the "porcelain river" will I be fined? (Do they do fish autopsy's to prove he died of natural causes?) If his bowl is colder than is recommended for Betta's will I be required to turn the heat up or place him for adoption? I certainly can't afford 1000 dollars...(and I'm all for laws against animal cruelty as long as they are actual cruelty not imagined PETA versions of cruelty) besides, 1000 dollars would get me from Augustine to Zachariah a few times.

Most of my friends already know I have done this and none have blocked me from their Facebook pages or email addy's yet. They are a committed bunch.

I know I've pretty much let blogging go, though not consciously. Other technology has forced it to the background and for the most part I say good riddance. I still enjoy the blogs of others, but am at a time of life when I don't feel I have much I want to say. Perhaps I am tired, or experience has finally convinced me of that proverb about fools with shut mouths seeming wise.

By way of mundane and "safe" blogging (i.e the kind that won't garner much by way of criticism), nothing is much different here at the Ferrell house, Glenn still works, I still do whatever it is I do, and Noah still goes to school. I will say that Noah has seemed to have "gone through" three different girlfriends at least since he's been in his "LIFE" program. This most recent one is Brianna. The last one got as far as sending her phone numbers home with him on scraps of paper, but given her disability, she only managed to get 2/3 of the numbers written down, not enough to make a proper phone number. I wonder if the reason they are "no more" is that she was mad he never called. (-: No worry, given Noah's lack of verbosity, a phone call from the dear fellow might have ended the relationship anyway, unless she could carry her end and his. Each of these gals has either sent home a picture or he's found a way to wrangle one from them. This never ceases to amaze me, given the trouble non-developmentally delayed fellows report in the whole world of getting a girls number, much less her photo. Noah must be the heartbreaker of his group.

He went to a Valentine's day Dance wearing a bow tie I found him at the Goodwill charity shop (brand new) and a Suit jacket Shelley and I bought him at the same, and a shirt I bought his dad that was too small for the former. The suit doesn't fit him correctly but we've not gotten it tailored yet, he liked it just fine however and was the most dapper dresser there according to Glenn who took him.
After watching John Wayne movies, Noah's favorite thing in life is to dance.

Random other news...we have enjoyed some company in the New Year, or friend Andrew from the UK and the Conleys, a young ministry couple who are moving back east. Both were enjoyable fellowship.

I had the best split pea soup I have ever had in my life at Rembrandts a couple weeks ago. I hope they make it again. It is so good I think I'd pay big money for the recipe if I had the chance.

I am now the proud owner of a Kindle 2, whatever that means. (it's an e-text reader of sorts, sold via Amazon) Now if I could just have the rest of the books in my house shrink and insert themselves in there I'd have a whole lot more room.

I don't observe Lent but I am using the notion of 40 days, to try and reach the goal of getting rid of a bag of unused stuff, being it junk or clutter, every day. I got this off my friend Sally years ago.

Glenn and I have been sick 3 times this winter, twice with a stomach thing and once with a more flu like thing. Spring might be very welcome when it comes. As always we are missing our grandbabies and children.

That's all for now...