Saturday, August 25, 2007

Grammy's Cowboy!

"Why, HOWDY Ma'am. My Momma done raised me right and taught me to tip my hat to the women folk."

Sam is now in Texas for 10 days, where his other Grandmother (not sure what she's going to go by) and Grandpa live. He is having his first visit to his dad's home state and with his cousin Will, affectionally called "Wills"...and his three Aunties and three uncles and more cousins to boot.

He is I think about 8 weeks older than Wills but when they went to the mall with the boys, some folk did ask if they were twins despite the fact that if they were, it would be clear who got most of the "vittles and grub"!

Here's a picture of Will (Left) and Sam (Right) both current.

As for Grammy, I've been laid low since my dental work on the 13th. I do report though that I have felt an added portion of the Lord's comfort and nearness in this time of discomfort, though Glenn has been away for nearly 18 days. He returns home, Lord willing, tomorrow. I'm up late trying to make the house look like Howard Hughes didn't live here the last few weeks. I literally have gone from pain, to medication, to sleeping, and crawling out to kitchen to find the odd soft food to eat, not wanting to add peckishness to the already dizzy whooey feeling from pain meds.

I usually get a lot done round the house when Glenn is away (not that he cares, It's all my pushing myself, he's just happy if I'm happy.)but this time, it was moment to moment and I'm just glad to be free of pain for a few hours despite not accomplishing a lot. God's providence is good and right.