Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's a Meez

A friend of our's from church had one of these "Meez" things on his web so of course I had to make one for my site. It likely being a shameless waste of time (or perhaps refreshing recreation?)I note that I listened to an excellent sermon whilst doing the meez. For those of you who did not get enough playing with dolls as a child, it is the closest thing one can get to the experience without starting tongues wagging, unless you are under 12 in which case you SHOULD be playing with dolls. That said, I was not a doll playing child, finding it incredibly boring, but this meez thing, well it was fun. I made one for hubby and arkboy as well as sweetbaby, but they didn't have an expectant mother form so her's will have to wait for posting. You'll note I am not anywhere NEAR the shape of my meez, they only have one size fits all. When they get a chunky meez form I'll be sure to update in the interest of truthful representation. For my less netsaavy friends the purpose of having a meez is so that one can essentially have a picture without posting one's real picture on the big scary web.)

I am sorry I've been so long since posting. It seems a very long time and the gap is a bit fuzzy. We have all been doing fairly well here. Sweetbaby's bump is now about 33 weeks along and doing well. I enjoyed a wonderful 5 days with her in Maryland as well as seeing my dear friend SW a tiny bit as well as my half sister. I would have liked to see all my "homegirls" but it just wasn't possibly in such a short visit. My main goal had been to be "mother" and fill SweetBaby's freezer with vittles so that they would have some homecooking to thaw out post partum. I hope to see my Maryland friends perhaps when the weeun arrives.

We had a fantabulous visit with my daughter in law, hmm, lets see I need a net name for her, we'll call her Sunny since that's what Arkboy calls her. Sunny's hubby is in Afghanistan and so she spent the 18-25 of December with us. She asked me to teach her to knit. She is about the 6th person I've taught, but the first one who I don't think I had to twist her arm to do so. She was some student, she had two scarves made before she left our house, and was teaching herself things and inventing patterns as well. She made me a hilarious gift which I got in the mail a few days ago. I shall leave you all in suspense and post a picture of it when able.

Some of you may know that my dear sister in the Lord, Seonag, passed away a few weeks ago. I haven' mentioned it because I wanted to post a nice picture of her and a bit of a note of rememberance of her. I've not gotten to that yet, so I'll note her passing here but know I want to do a proper review of the blessing she was to my life at some point in the future. God was most merciful to her in that the doctors were able to keep her free from overmuch pain and according to her daughter, she had as comfortable passing as one could hope for.

On a final note, I have recently came across a really well done series on the topic of Depression in the Christian experience. It was done by none other than a dear brother from my FCC days, David Murray of Stornoway. I cannot recommend it too highly for those who are despresed or have family or church friends who have that experience. It does an excellent balanced job. It is available for free on sermon audio in both audio and video formats. A link to the first of six messages is below.