Monday, October 16, 2006

Well it's official...

I went with "Sweet Baby and her hubby" for her sonography appointment. Here is a poor quality snap from my phone of the "bump" and the answer to "Do they know what they're having" (other than, Lord willing, a BABY.) They are 99.9 percent sure they want to name him Samuel, Sam for short but the middle name is still being wrangled over. I had a lovely but very short visit to Maryland and will tell more when time allows. I am at the moment still in the midst of a migraine which started 2 days ago.

For now, we are rejoicing in God's merciful care over this wee one. I would also like to show my age by being amazed at all they can see with the sonogram. They don't just look at gender and size but they view the valves of the heart, the bones, the blood flow in the placenta etc. It was very exciting, though I think the father looked like he might faint (-: Little Sam was very busy using my dear daughters womb walls as a trampoline.

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a son's mom said...

What a great picture! My baby girl was here when I opened up your blog and she is just as interested as I am. :) Here's to the future.
"Grandchildren are our reward for not killing our teenagers".
I saw that on a tshirt once somewhere.