Monday, April 10, 2006

Update coming ASAP

Hey ya'll, thanks for the notes and for asking after me. Will do a proper post soon as I can. I am feeling improved, though the situation hasn't really changed that much, in that I am still losing iron, but praise God have been able to take the big iron pills almost every day despite unpleasant side effects. Feeling systemically that I have returned to about 30% of my "old self." The improvement was dramatic after the first week or so of iron, now it is not as dramatic, but I feel much much better than I did at my lowest point. I am also have less heart palpitations as I go on.
I had a good talk with the nurse at my doctor's office which has helped me to feel reassured that I am not alone in this experience. She also helped me to have a better sense of what to expect if things get worse, just so I'll know what to look for. Thanks for the prayers, will write on other matters as soon as I'm able.

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a son's mom said...

That's good news! 30% is better than nothin...hope you continue to improve.