Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Refreshing Seasons"

Two dear friends, of the "English Rose" variety, sent me a packet with a lovely note, a couple of encouraging Christian pamphlets and the following quote, taken from the Spurstowe book " The Wells of Salvation Opened" (available for purchase from Reformation Heritage Books http://www.heritagebooks.org/item.asp?bookId=2024 )

"Refreshing Seasons"
"The summer and winter, by an inviolable ordinance He has made to succeed each other , the one to be as a key to open the womb of the earth that it might discharge itself of its many births; The other as a key to shut it, that so it might not languish and grow barren by a perpetual travail. Now if the wisdom of God has has these common mercies wherein His enemies have a share (as well do others) set such appointed times, as may make them more useful and beneficial to his creatures, certainly He will not fail to perform to His people the promises of His free grace in that season and fullness of time, which may best suit their welfare and his glory. " - William Spurstowe (1605-1666)

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Ashley said...

Lovely quote, Susan and so very timely.