Monday, October 31, 2005

Wee Beasties?

It is probably for the best that only one or two of you know "Leyland"

When I was put on Prednisone for the first time back in Feb of 2004, I didn't particularly enjoy the experience. It was like being on some type of hyperactivity inducing stimulant whilst too unwell to actually accomplish much. I did however, thanks to the wonders of webdom, bang off several page letters to friends and those I likely didn't know well enough to be "saying such things too" (sort of like this blog come to think of it.)

One of the things I was saying is how Prednisone made me feel crawly under my skin, and not just run of the mill crawly, but like I had an entire pirate ship of rouge lizards running all over under deck (me being the ship.) Not only did I know they were lizards (ever the self-diagnostician) running all over, but I was SO full of hubris (read prednisone) that I named the pirate horde, things like stinky, one eyed Pete and so on. I am pretty sure one was named Leyland and he may have been the ringmaster, I picture him in a lounge chair, barking orders, a British ex pat, wearing cotton linen suits and a panama hat. I also am fairly sure he wrote all my letters at that time. Those two or three of you where were so unfortunate to have gotten them, and you know who you are (he was fond or pastor's wives, and wrote at least two.)
Well, he's back.

After being up all Saturday night with the second worst Asthma attack of adult life, dear friend will call her "Nurse Rottweiler" ( trust me she will find this moniker pleasing adoring the beasts who lend to her her title, )
who is refreshingly straight forward and who I find wonderfully calming to be around, came for an unofficial house call after church. She is an asthma educator as well as a fellow sufferer. She and my dear hubby (who prefers lizards to wife without working lungs, what a guy!)talked me into returning to prednisone with the suggestion that 4 days of 40mgs now, would beat a month of the stuff later. Only by this reasoning did I acquiesce.

I vowed "never" to go on Prednisone again. I recalled not sleeping for more than 3 hours during the last course of it. I recalled feeling horrible. I made note to self that if any Dr ever prescribed it to me again, I'd get said Doc to give me a sedative of some type for Leyland.*note Leyland is taking Ativan and is almost calm if such a word could ever apply to his nibs.* I got a whole tortured but cumulative 7 or 8 hours sleep last night, praise God, and all Leyland wants to do now is say Hi remember me. He also suggests that the best use of today would be to sit and knit and knit. (ok so he thinks I should knit till the fingers bleed and sing sea shanty songs whilst doing it but surely we can find a happy medium? It could be worse, he could be writing this blog all day long until I've nae a reader left or there could be deck swabbing?)

Perhaps at the end of the day, I shall have a knitted babe to post, if not, it is likely Leyland will have me busily away at some task or t'other. We'll be hiding out in here to avoid the whole trick or treat thing (even if we had had candy to give out, odds are it would have been eaten long since!) I am planning to have hubby pick up Wallace and Grommit episodes and perhaps some nice cheese to go with, don't ya think? Wensleydale isn't an option, but we must have something that will suffice. (Oh I DO miss Red Leicester)


Anonymous said...

Hmm - Feb. 2004 - pastor's wives? - yup, that's about right LOL Glad you have a Nurse Rottweiler on hand to oversee a few things there!

Anonymous said...

We hear you Susan, we've been dealing with the same thing. Except for young boys the crawling under the skin turns into crawling on the walls. But he is much calmer than he was when he was three and jumping off whatever he could climb. Steroids are wonderful wake up drugs.

Anonymous said...

wensleydale? Oh yum, I'd forgotten about that!

Anonymous said...

yup Lisa, there is SO much to miss from the UK, I don't think I'll ever get over it. I just hope that since God created the UK that a little bit of heaven will be like it, rain and all (-: Susan

Anonymous said...

and REAL fish n chips!