Monday, October 24, 2005

testing the waters...

I have for years, been a regular poster on an email loop. It has come about in Providence, that if ever there was a time to see if I can manage a blog, tis now.

Those of you who get here first, will be folk who know me already and you are and will be the core of this effort, to stay in touch, to sharpen each other's iron, "to know we are not alone" as it is said of reading. I am somewhat ambivalent about doing a blog, the inner voice saying "who wants to read it, who cares." (I love I love I love myself, I have my picture on my shelf!)

Please don't take the presence of this blog as any indication I think my idea's are noteworthy. I simply have discovered over the years that generally if I "put myself out there" folk will connect with me, spar, share ideas, challenge mine and enter the dance, so to speak. I long to keep up with the dear saints I've known hither and yon.

For those of you who know me, please forbear a "persona," because of my calling in life and having the roaring lion for an enemy I hope to write both corum deo (before the face of God) and yet also with a little wiggle room to allow me to just be myself. I don't need folk writing my husband's boss and saying " His wife had a bad day, he clearly isn't a good husband" or "she has too many opinions" or what have you. I do have too many opinions and the dear hub already knows this. He is kind and gracious and will read this even if no one else does.

I learned from my friend "The blogging genius" that one can create alternative blog identities for one's kith and kin which be helpful in keeping them out of harm's way ("you are related to that blogger? poor you") and which can be fun (or keep one from being invited to family gatherings I suppose if one chooses poorly...i.e the "stinky uncle")
So let me assure those who know me I've not gone mad and forgotten our real names.

Well I'm fighting a migraine (what else is new, I thought of calling this blog "I don't feel well") so I shall away, I have so much to praise God for and hope to do so in the days to come,
Your friend, old or new, Susan in Idaho, formerly Susan from the woods, formerly Susan in Glasgow Scotland, formerly a denim
jumper wearin homeschooling mama from "Providence" (you figure that one out), formerly "not Susan at all" but that is a story for another day.


Hobster said...

welcome to the blogosphere

Anonymous said...

I tried blogging once and kept losing my site. ;(

Anonymous said...

I like it that you think of us as dear saints. (or maybe just some of us? )