Thursday, July 02, 2009


Summer, or what feels like "Summer" emotionally, may finally be upon us. My nails have been painted thanks to Becca, Sandals bought while in Md, and now the sun is out. Not that I am a sunshine girl myself, it's all I can do to be out to get my vitamin D requirements (I don't.) Herbs have been bought and await planting (hold on dears I haven't forgotten you!) and the annual watching of the fireworks from our upstairs window is near. And yet, I still had a fire on a few mins ago thanks to our freezing air conditioning. We can never seem to get it just right, it's either too hot upstairs or freezing in our bedroom downstairs. It seems to have to do with the big ducts in the garage that control how much of the air goes downstairs and how much upstairs, so I can still think about doing something as "hot" as knitting with wool.

I've got nothing to say of any significance, just a early July hello.


Christie M said...

Well Howdydoo! Love the Sandals. :)

bwsmith said...

Why is it that toenail polish just makes a girl feel grand?

Ellie, my granddaughter is VERY interested in toenail polish, and makes a point on inspecting and commenting on the colors on the toes of all visitors.

Susan a.k.a Lucy said...

You know Barbara, that is an excellent question, I wonder why it does?

I know it perks me right up. I must be exceptionally desperate or vain.

bwsmith said...

Maybe that's why we are friends? "exceptionally desperate or vain" chicks?

sigh . . . all I know is I love seeing the colors. :)