Friday, May 01, 2009

My own little "store"

I have been blue for a couple days. Yesterday I decided that the best thing to do in such a case was/is to put order to something. So with much handholding from my “Craigslist specialist” (Rebecca) I managed to take all the stuff I gathered up to get rid of, photograph said stuff and post in on Craigslist.

It took me an unbelievable 7 or so hours to photo, write up and post 18 things. Hopefully it won’t always take so long. So far I’ve managed to get bites on about 40 dollars worth of stuff. This reminds one why one ought not to BUY the stuff in the first place as it sells for way less than it “buys” for.
I kinda had fun trying to make my photo’s look like I live a decent enough life but whether that sells better than things thrown on top of a pilly blanket or not, I don’t know. We’ll see

Even though I’ve not sold much yet, I think I could get kinda addicted to doing this. I’m now looking at everything around here as fuel. I’ve long been an “ebayer” but have gotten fed up with their high fees.

Yes I know this is riveting blogging, but it’s new, isn’t that worth something (-:

On other notes…I’m praying swine flu just blows over but I also know it never does us any harm to consider our mortality or our eternal state.

I’m getting my first pair of “all the time” glasses, the kind you don’t take on and off, which enable you to see long distance and short. I hope to have them in hand and tried out for a couple weeks before departing for MD, Lord willing. I know some folk feel all sick and headachy and wooey with progressives.

Confession: I’m a bit worried about fitting in the seatbelt on the plane. It was really tight last time (I weigh the same, but it was SCARY tight, like oh no, what if I have to ask for a seatbelt extender?) I think my health has been so poor of late that I can almost say “who cares…so I ask for an extender”

Thankfully they can only charge you for a second seat if you can’t put the arms down and actually overflow into the seat next to you. I can’t believe I am confessing this fear on the web but truth be told, I just am amazed how age and infirmity takes away one’s vanity just a little bit. Yeah if I lost 10 lbs the seatbelt would be a breeze, but when you are so anemic you can barely move or stay awake the whole day, “dieting” and exercise are no. 2 on the list of priorities. Getting well is no 1 and that involves taking iron and vitamins and trying to get sunshine and fresh air and function enough to keep up my relationship with the hubby and our house. If I wore a pair of spanx (the modern version of your grandma's girdle or tights that are 5 sizes too small) I could surely have no issue with the seatbelt but who wants to be sausaged for 12 hours?

In answer to Christie’s questions, Nope, Noah’s now “ex” girlfriend (as best we can tell) never did get her whole phone no. down on paper. He’s moved on to Brianna who sends him a paper ever day that says “I love Noah.” That said at the last party he went to at school, two girls claimed him as their very own. (the former and the newer one)
Yup I’m still on Augustine A Betta fish. I’ll be sending it to my friend Erin’s house for 3 weeks to be fishsat. We shall see if he (or Erin for that matter) survives the experience.
Well that’s it for my mundane life. I need some decorating ideas so I might post a picture and ask for some in a not too distant future blog.

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Christie M said...

Wow! Still on A, that is great!
Noah sounds like a real social guy.

You took great pics for Craig's list. Very professional!

Did you get your glasses online?
We have been getting ours that way for 2 years now. 400 dollar glasses for less than 100! No kidding, and they do a great job!
there are others too.
You just need your script and PDI measurement. (you can get that at any glasses store, just ask them to write it down.)

Have a GREAT time with Sam. Kiss them all for me. :)