Thursday, September 04, 2008

End of summer ponderings...

Ah the joys of summer! Now just a memory as the cool nights slip in and the air has a crisp feel and sound to it. Ok, the air probably doesn't make a sound itself, but there is some sound that says "fall" to me. I am guessing the leaves and crunchy yard bits create it.

What used to provide a feel of "summerness" to me is no longer part of my life, that being the pool, the lake, the ocean, gardening, suppers on the screened back porch of my wee 30's house. Trips to Rehoboth beach, possibly New Hampshire.

Now summer is that season when the house is colder inside than outside cause we can't seem to get the A.C just right. I'm learning that it takes time in a place to create a new image of what each season means in that place. Summer here in Boise is much nicer weather than back east but what makes it special is visitors, whose presence drags me out into the heat to do the "tourist" bits.I loved going to the water playground with Sam and Becca as well, that felt like summer.

Summer was the strangest in Glasgow, mainly because it was hard to tell one was in it, except the rain was a bit more welcome and when the sun would peek out for a moment between the clouds, it made me stand in place and turn my face up and say, ahh! Here, the baking oven feels if one stands still for even a minute outdoors, says SUMMER!!!

I had wonderful times this year enjoying guests from back east, Sally, Becca and Sam, and Leia. Now it's time to stop slacking and get the house looking like someone actually lives here rather than "vacations" here, before the fall/winter guests start arriving.

It hit me with a twinge of sadness a week ago that I no longer need to pay attention to "back to school" time because Noah is no longer in the 18-21 program which required us to buy fresh pens and school boxes and such. Now his program is the same year round with the exception of various seasonal school outings etc. My local bff has her kids going off to school en mass for the first time and I am enjoying the overflow of "back to school" feelings as she goes through all that.

Lately I'm more aware that time is passing and I'm not getting any younger. I don't know if this is a good thing or not, depends on what I do with it I suppose.

I'll try to blog a bit more faithfully in the coming months. I've still got the occasional thought in my mind but as I age I have less bee's in my bonnet and don't feel the same need to communicate as I used to. I'm a lot happier sitting quietly with my knitting and a great cup of java.

This Friday we're having a local pastor and his wife over, the wife I've never met but I hear tell she's a Maryland native like me. That should be interesting. I get occasionally misty when I hear a hometown accent (-: How odd considering where I come from where the accent is definitive if not desirable! Could be worse.


Christie M said...

Oh to have a cool fall! :)
Love your blog. I visit now and then and you make me want to curl up and have a cup of coffee and finally learn to knit!
Erika has learned. Me? too clumsy.

Christie M said...

Dear Sea Salt and Vinegar Lady,
Do you have any new very cool pictures of your grandson to show off? ;)